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Managers and decision makers

WCAG for Senior Managers & Policy Makers

Code: SMP-01     Duration: 2 hours

Audience: Senior Managers and key decision-makers

This will introduce WCAG and assist policy makers in reaching informed decisions about the WCAG 2 policy, and help them answer stakeholder questions. There is an optional 20 minute version of this talk with highlights for busy managers who can only get away for a few minutes. Slides provided.

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Intro to WCAG and Rolling
It Out Across Organizations

Code: INT-02     Duration: 1/2 day

Audience: Managers, IT leads

Learn the basics of WCAG 2 and how to split the standard up across roles in your organization so each team has their own part to play. Integrating the standard into AGILE processes for developers, pushing some success criteria upstream to content providers, designers, and architects will save long agonizing migrations to the standard later on. Slides provided.

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PDF Strategies for Decision Makers

Code: PDF-05     Duration: 1/2 day

Audience: Managers, IT Leads

Learn what to do with those 1000's of online PDFs. Categorize them and make appropriate decisions based on source format, complexity, destination, traffic and more. Balance pros " cons of in-house or external remediation, conversion to HTML, removal, archiving etc.) Also learn a successful WCAG strategy for this content going forward.

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Developers and QA

WCAG Advanced Deep Dive

Code: ADD-06      Duration: 2 days

Audience: Developers, QA Specialists

Hands-on interactive exploration of WCAG. We will provide hands-on (X)HTML, HTML5 code work, we discuss best uses of JavaScript and an intro on how to supplement HTML with WAI-ARIA attributes. Case studies and examples of accessible AJAX, JQuery, dynamic applications and other Web 2.0 widgets and electronic content. A USB key with tools, techniques and checklist is provided.

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Deep Dive into WAI-ARIA

Code: ADD-03      Duration: 1 day

Audience: Developers, QA Specialists

This is an opportunity for front end developers who are familiar with HTML accessibility to dig deep into the attributes that fill in the accessibility gaps in modern applications, so they can meet the requirements of the WCAG. Bring those tough WAI-ARIA questions that have been keeping you up at night. Learn to use WAI-ARIA with prudence like a fine chef uses spices, rather than adding it all over everything and messing up accessibility.

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WCAG QA & Testing

Code: QAT-05      Duration: 1 day

Audience: QA Specialists, evaluators

Learn the WCAG basics and then have an interactive exploration on how to evaluate your organization’s content for WCAG conformance. Learn to look at the accessibility API, use a screen reader such as JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver to test. Learn the basics of mobile accessibility testing. A USB key with tools, techniques and checklist is provided.

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Mobile Devs, Content Providers, Designers, UX, UI

Accessible Mobile Applications in xCode, Android Studio, etc.

Code: MOB-01     Duration: 1 day

Audience: Developers of Native environments

WCAG 2.1 & WCAG 2.2 (due 2020) include mobile requirements, WCAG 2.0 applies to mobile in WCAG2ICT. We will apply the standards to native mobile applications built in xCode, Android Studio, REACT Native, Cordova, Framework 7, etc., Bring those hard questions and learn from a member of the WCAG Mobile Accessibility Task Force.

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WCAG for COMS & CMS Content Providers

Code: COM-03     Duration: 1 day

Audience: Managers, designers, content authors, marketing personnel

This “non-techie”, but "hands-on" course is for managers and those in marketing and communications who work with Word and PDFs. It’s also for anyone who drops content into the content area of a Content Management System (CMS) and posts it on-line (such as Drupal, Wordpress, Site Core, Teamsite, Interwoven, etc.). We explore how to add CMS content so it conforms. A USB key with tools and techniques is provided.

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WCAG for Designers and Marketing, UI and UX

Code: COM-04     Duration: 1/2 day

Audience: Designers, marketing personnel

It's best to build in accessibility when the "cement is wet". The design phase is what separates a good end product from a great one. In this “non-techie” course, we'll look at how to consider WCAG conformance when creating wire frames and visual designs. Decisions made at this stage are very important. We'll help you understand the accessibility implications with all those colour combinations and UI components, and help you make good design decisions, while keeping the integrity of the vision.

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PDF Accessibility

Accessible MS Office Documents

Code: MSO-07     Duration: 1 day

Audience: Administrators, managers, designers, content authors, marketing personnel

In this hands-on course we will explore the accessibility features of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Every version of MS Office improves its level of accessibility over the previous. We tailor the training to the version of Office that your team is using. A USB key with tools and techniques is provided. Note: We also have half day versions of this course just for MS WORD.

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Accessible PDFs with Acrobat Pro

Code: PDF-04     Duration: 1 day

Audience: Content Authors, Technicians, QA

This is a “hands-on” course. Adobe has invested heavily into making Acrobat capable of producing accessible content compliant with WCAG. However, even when source documents are prepared well, it is necessary to adjust the PDF directly. We'll get under the hood of Acrobat. A USB/download with tools provided.

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Accessible form creation with LiveCycle forms

Code: LCF-01      Duration: 1 day

Audience: Form Designers, Content Authors

LiveCycle forms offer many advantages over static forms. They can be made accessible, they are fillable and can use dynamic JavaScript. In this course we'll learn how to maximize the accessibility of LiveCycle forms.


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