Web Accessibility Audits
Manual, Automated Audits, User Testing


Optional Components of an Accessibility Audit

Manual WCAG Audit & Evaluation

  • Concise Executive Summary with graphs, top 10 issues, expert comments, priorities, etc.
  • Detailed manual testing results with screen shots, code snips and fixes
  • Easy transfer of issues to JIRA
  • Includes breakpoints for mobile
  • Integrate automated scan or user testing
  • Optional 508 VPAT completion
  • Optional video of screen reader on desktop or mobile

Enterprise Automated Scans

Enterprise web site scans supplement manual evaluations. Approximately 100 WCAG automated checks are run across 1000's of pages. Report includes a summary with graphs, top 10 issues by test, and a separate report of detailed issues. Testing can also be run on a development server to catch issues early in the process and incoprporated into an AGILE development cycle.

UX & UI Testing by Users

Results can be incorporated into formal audit reports or can be conducted as a separate focus group excercise. Testing is available with users who have disabilities such as blindness, low vision, dexterity challenges, cognitive disabilities, deafness or who are hard of hearing. Findings are summarized in the Executive Summary and the raw data in an appendix.

Mobile Accessibility Testing

We worked with the mobile development team of the Canadian Paralympic Committtee to integrate accessibility into the app used for the PanAm games in Toronto and the Olympics in Rio. The app won high praise from stakeholders with disabilities. We trained the mobile app team at the CBC, which led to a successful launch that was well received by the disability community.

Presentation of Findings to Senior Management

A one-hour meeting which can be extended up to 3 hours, based on necessity and availability of executives. Includes a slide deck of findings, recommendations and a summary of the Roadmap document, a period for questions and answers, a discussion of risk levels for various issues, and ways to save money and increase efficiency and effectiveness of the rollout.

WCAG Help Desk
‘as-needed’ in 15 min. increments

Get issues fixed when the "cement is wet". Reserve "x" number of hours to be used as necessary over a fiscal. Devs contact us by phone, email, Skype, & WebEx. A developer could say, “I’m creating dynamic content, how should I insert it?” We provide a response, record the time it took to answer, research and test the result. We bill monthly. Service in English or French.

Putting it all together

infographic of web accessbility Audit. Full description below.

There are three major pieces to each audit. The manual assessments, automatic assessments and assistive technological assessments. These are descibed in detail, in the sections above the infographic:

  1. Automated Crawl: Initially a large automated crawl of the site will be conducted. It can evaluate a number of failure conditions automatically and give a general impression of the conformance of the site. About 15% of WCAG can be assessed automatically on this way. The rest must be done manually. (Note: this is established knowledge based on in-depth studies of automatic accessibility checking, and findings of the Evaluation Task Force of the W3C.) This will take 3 hours to run and prepare the report.
  2. Select Samples for Human Testing: Sample pages will be selected for manual testing. They represent pages from the various templates and types of content, and pages with various widget modules added. They are listed in the accompanying spreadsheet. The home page evaluation will also include the menu, header and footer information including the search box etc.David uses screen readers, API viewer and other assistive technology and tools to evaluated. Pages tested include, Templates, Interactive Forms, APplications, Other important pages, Several random sample pages
  3. Testing with users with disabilities: It would be good to provide 3 people who are blind, 2 with low vision, one without use of arms or with low dexterity, and several with cognitive learning disabilities. Each tester will do between 2 and 6 hours testing depending on necessity and availability.
  4. These 3 reports are amalgamated. The user testing and the automated crawl results are incorportated into the main body of the report where they contribute to the success criteria issues. This is usually in summary form. The detailed comments from users are optionally included in an appendix. The automated crawl details are turned into a separate report intended for remediating developers.
  5. We provide optional coaching, over Skype, email or phone or WebEx after completing the audit.


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