Web Accessibility Training
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Quality Assurance and Testing for WCAG

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Audience: QA Specialists, evaluators

This course is a hands-on interactive exploration on how to evaluate your organization’s content for WCAG conformance.  A USB key with tools, techniques and checklist are provided.

What You Will Learn:

  • Review of WCAG Principles, Guidelines, and Success Criteria
  • W3C resources
  • Checking Microsoft Word 10 documents for accessibility
  • Common HTML Errors
  • Testing HTML
  • Testing Multimedia
  • Testing PDF
  • Identifying failures
  • Strategies for using automated testing tools, what they can and can’t do
  • Measuring colour contrast
  • The difference between techniques and failures when assessing content
  • Examples of good WCAG conformance
  • How to recognize properly formed WAI ARIA
  • Using a screen reader to test
  • Using a tool to view the accessibility API
  • Testing web applications
  • Multimedia (including Captioning)
  • Exercises: HTML code work for accessibility


Basic understanding of (X)HTML, PDF, MS Word.

Why choose

Can Adapt
for accessibility training?

  1. We know the pulse of WCAG: Learn with a 15 year WCAG veteran, the only Canadian Invited Expert on the WCAG standard .
  2. Hands-on experience with web developers: We have worked with webmasters from some of the largest organizations.
  3. Practical tools: Not “one-size-fits-all”, flexible relationships, customized to your website. Tons of tools, tips, tricks & resources.
  4. Dynamic and engaging training: Energetic, fun and interactive. Some courses include demos with persons with disabilities.
  5. Additional support: Each student get a free 30-minute telephone and/or email consult within one month of the course.


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