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“Collaborative, flexibile, hard working, and expert knowledge of WCAG."
Kalie Sinclair, Canadian Paralympic Committee


A strategic approach to accessibility
Our Services

WCAG Accessibility Training
Live via WebEx or in person

  • Intro to WCAG for managers & marketing
  • WCAG deep dive for HTML5, WAI-ARIA, mobile in an AGILE environment
  • WCAG for content providers (WP, Drupal, etc.)
  • PDF, InDesign, LiveCycle
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • .NET accessibility, and more ...

Training Details

WCAG Audit & Evaluation

  • Concise Executive Summary with graphs, top 10 issues, expert comments, priorities, etc.
  • Detailed manual testing results with screen shots, code snips and fixes
  • Easy transfer of issues to JIRA
  • Includes breakpoints for mobile
  • Integrate automated scan or user testing
  • Optional 508 VPAT completion

Enterprise Automated Scans

Enterprise web site scans supplement manual evaluations. Approximately 100 WCAG automated checks are run across 1000's of pages. Report includes a summary with graphs, top 10 issues by test, and a separate report of detailed issues. Testing can also be run on a development server to catch issues early in the process and incoprporated into an AGILE development cycle.

Mobile Accessibility Testing

We worked with the mobile development team of the Canadian Paralympic Committtee to integrate accessibility into the app used for the PanAm games in Toronto and the Olympics in Rio. The app won high praise from stakeholders with disabilities. We trained the mobile app team at the CBC, which led to a successful launch that was well received by the disability community.

UX & UI Testing by Users

Results can be incorporated into formal audit reports or can be conducted as a separate focus group excercise. Testing is available with users who have disabilities such as blindness, low vision, dexterity challenges, cognitive disabilities, deafness or who are hard of hearing. Findings are summarized in the Executive Summary and the raw data in an appendix.

Other Accommodation Services

  • Accessibility help desk and coaching
  • Roadmap to roll out WCAG enterprise wide
  • Direct evaluation and accommodation of employees with disabilities
  • Training on assistive technology such as JAWS, NVDA, Dragon, etc.
  • AODA (Ontario) & ADA (US) consulting
  • Accessible LiveCyle form creation

About David MacDonald

David MacDonald is in his 15th year with the WCAG Working group and is the only Canadian member listed on the standard . He is also working on the mobile component for the next version of WCAG. He was on team that wrote WCAG2ICT on document accessibility, and on the 3 person panel mapping PDF/UA to WCAG. He was a core contributor to the WCAG Evaluation Methodology , and an editor of Using WAI-ARIA in HTML5 . Most W3C accessibility documents include him as a named contributor.

He was the lead WCAG consultant to the Government of Canada in the Donna Jodhan case and consulted to the Ontario Government during the creation of the AODA, including auditing the website used by 40,000 businesses to report AODA compliance. He has provided accessibility audits for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, such as Intel and Bayer. He audited all websites under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Transportation Agency (Air Canada, Westjest, ViaRail, etc.) and CRTC telecommunications networks (Bell, Telus, Rogers, etc.).

He is a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) Certification Committee, and was a keynote in Los Vegas for the inaugural IAAP conference. He a frequent conference speaker.

David personally conducts CanAdapt's audits to ensure a consistent and accurate interpretation of WCAG. He teaches most of our courses and trained 80 developers, managers, designers, including the mobile app team at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

He dedicates a portion of his work to hands-on accommodations of employees with disabilities to stay close to the community he serves. He works in English and French and is a husband and father. David wrote the WCAG theme song with over 40,000 combined views.

CV (HTML)      CV (PDF)     Go to linkedIn profile

Endorsements from our clients and colleagues

  David was a valuable contributor to the development of the Web Contents Accessibility Guidelines... He is committed, reliable, and hard working.  
Loretta Guarino Reid, Accessibility at Google Inc., Co-chair WCAG 2.0

  Your WCAG 2.0 evaluation and the document provided were simply awesome. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the professional way you dealt with the team.  
Christ Burton, Application Portfolio Manager (HealthCare), Bayer Canada Inc.

  I have worked with David since he joined the WCAG Working Group in 2002. One of the most productive members, has worked tirelessly ... authored innumerable techniques, failures, prototypes, examples. He is innovative ... solutions based on real world test cases that he and his colleagues performed/researched - to address some of WCAGs most challenging issues. David truly is a world expert on Accessibility and web access.  
Katie Haritos-Shea, WCAG Invited Expert, IAAP Certification Committee.
 This was the best, most succinct, entertaining explanation of WCAG I've ever heard. 
Alf Spencer, Director, Outreach and Strategic Initiatives Branch, Accessibility Directorate of Ontario (ADO)

 I highly recommend David for web accessibility. 
Gregg Vanderheiden, Director, Trace Research Center, UW Madison, Co-chair WCAG 2.0
  David’s demonstrated knowledge, skills, and abilities are invaluable to the team.  
Bruce Bailey, US Access Board, Section 508, WCAG team member

 David is an expert in his field and a valued contributor in the area of Accessibility.  
Don Evans, America Online (AOL)

  David worked collaboratively with our web team to ensure our web site and mobile app are as accessible as possible to all our stakeholders. He was extremely easy to work with and communicated clearly in every aspect of the project. We appreciated his flexibility, hard work, communications skills, and his expert knowledge of WCAG.  
Kalie Sinclair, Senior Coordinator, Digital & Social Media, Canadian Paralympic Committee

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See CV for more projects and details

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