Test page for Chrome Bug: Title attribute not visible on tab focus

This is a test page for Chrome bug number 829352 . Below is are two inputs with the title attributes.

Test procedure

  1. Hover with mouse over the first and then the second inputs for 1 second each. The title attribute shows on each.
  2. Now try to press the tab key to move into the first and then the second inputs. The title attribute does not show.

Actual Result

The Title attribute is not visible on tab focus. It is only available on mouse hover.

Expected Result

The Title attribute should be visible on tab focus. It is not. This is a bug. If authors, who rely on Chrome form their accessibility conformance, use the title attribute, they violate WCAG Success Criteria 2.1.1 which is required by law in many jurisdictons. Therefore, web authors have to hack this behaviour into the page with JavaScript.